Powys Linux User Group Constitution

A copy of the constitution is also available in PDF format

  1. Name of Society.
    1. The name of the society shall be the Powys Linux User Group (PLUG).
  2. Aims and Objectives.
    The aims and objectives of the society shall be as follows:
    1. To promote awareness and increase use of the Linux operating system and Open Source software within the home, business and voluntary sectors.
    2. To provide a forum to discuss and gain experience of the Linux operating system and Open Source software.
    3. To help educate people in the use of Linux and and Open Source software.
    4. To promote contributions to Open Source projects.
  3. Powers.
    In pursuance of the Aims and Objectives, the society may:
    1. Raise money
    2. Receive contributions through donations or a membership fee
    3. Employ paid staff or recruit volunteers
    4. Buy or rent premises, equipment and services
    5. Conduct research
    6. Work in partnership with different organisations
    7. Provide services
    8. Carry out anything else within the law that furthers the society’s objectives.
  4. Members.
    1. Full membership of the society shall be open to anyone who agrees to support the aims of the Society.
    2. Membership shall be obtained by either joining the PLUG Mailing List or by registering with the Secretary of the Society.
    3. There is currently no membership fee.
    4. All members shall be bound by this constitution.
    5. No member shall incur any liability in the name of the association without the sanction of a quorum of the committee.
  5. The Committee.
    1. The society shall have a governing committee. The committee shall consist of three officers (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) and 3 ordinary members
    2. The committee shall run the society on behalf of the members and in accordance with the aims and objectives.
    3. Committee decisions shall be decided by majority voting.
    4. A quorum shall be shall be three committee members.
    5. The term of office of the elected officers shall be one year.
    6. A person should not hold the same office for more than three successive years unless there are no other nominations to the office.
  6. Election of the Committee.
    1. The officers and committee members shall be democratically elected at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
    2. To seek election to the committee, a candidate must have 2 nominations by current members of the society.
    3. Members are only eligible to vote if they have been members of the society for more than three months at the date of the election.
  7. Duties of the Committee.
    1. The Chairperson shall be the chief officer of the society whose functions include chairing meetings of the committee, officiating at meetings of the society and representing the interests of the society at meetings of other organisations.
    2. The Secretary's function shall be to deal with all correspondence and records of the society and to notify all members of meeting times. They shall keep records of both committee and general meetings. They shall also maintain an up to date list of society members.
    3. The Treasurer's function shall be to administer the funds of the society and to maintain accounts and budgets.
    4. The ordinary committee members shall assist the Officers in their roles, and shall attend all committee meetings.
    5. A committee member wishing to resign must submit a letter in writing declaring that intention to the secretary, who will immediately inform the committee as a whole. The committee may co-opt a member to fill a vacant role.
  8. Meetings.
    1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each year. The business of the AGM shall include an annual report given by the outgoing chairperson and treasurer.
    2. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be convened if 5% of the ordinary membership of the society request one, or the committee request one.
    3. A quorum of an AGM or EGM shall be two committee members and two other members.
    4. Elections for the officers of the committee shall take place at the AGM, or at an EGM.
    5. The committee shall convene a General Meeting each year.
    6. Notice of an AGM or EGM shall given to the membership at least ten working days prior to the date of the meeting.
    7. At a meeting any member may propose a resolution relating to the business of the society. The resolution shall be voted on by a show of hands, unless a secret ballot is demanded by at least two members. Other than changes to this constitution, a simple majority is required to pass a resolution. The chairman may use a casting vote.
  9. Accounts
    1. The society shall keep a record of the sum and nature of all expenditure and receipts of monies, all sales and purchases of goods or services, and all its assets and liabilities.
    2. Any current member of the committee may be a signatory on any financial transactions. A minimum of two signatories are required to authorise a transaction.
    3. The society may reimburse members in respect of services provided or expenses incurred.
    4. The society may not raise funds by borrowing money.
  10. Dissolution
    1. In the event of winding up or dissolution of PLUG, after the satisfaction of any debts and liabilities, the assets remaining shall be given or transferred to some other organisation having similar objectives.
  11. Amendments to the Constitution
    1. Proposed amendments to this constitution must receive the approval of two thirds of the members present at an AGM or EGM.
    2. A copy of the current version of the constitution shall be placed on the Society's website and be available to all members.


Initial version adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 28th March 2012

Revised version adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 21st December 2016