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New to Linux?

Linux, together with a range of other Open Source applications, provides a great alternative to running Windows on your desktop or laptop PC.

Linux is a secure and reliable computer operating system. It runs much of the Internet: major Internet sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter run on Linux servers. Almost all of the worlds supercomputers used for scientific research run Linux. And you might not know it, but Linux forms the basis of Android - the system that run on over three-quarters of all smartphones and tablets.

Switch to Linux

Linux is free and Open Source. Anyone who wants to can use it.

Linux Voice magazine have produced a useful 6-page guide which is available to download. The guide goes over the reasons why you should consider switching to Linux and recommends the best ways for newcomers to get started.

PLUG is here to help you learn more about Linux and Open Source applications. We can help you make the change.

Moving from Windows to Linux

Linux is not a clone of Windows, and it will not run software written to run on Windows. Instead, you can choose from the wide range of Linux software, including some programs you may have used with Windows, such as:

  • Firefox, Chrome or Opera web browser (use instead of Internet Explorer)
  • LibreOffice or OpenOffice office suite (use instead of Microsoft Office)
  • VLC media player (use instead of Windows Media Player)
  • ThunderBird email (use instead of Outlook)

Come along to PLUG meetings and discover a better way of using your computer!

† In tests during 2013, CESG - the UK government's security assessment organisation - found Ubuntu Linux to be the most secure desktop or mobile operating system available for government use.

‡ This is not strictly true. The WINE system lets a large number of Windows programs run on a Linux computer.