PLUG Meetings

August Meeting (Meeting Archive 2016)

The meeting on 31st August 2016 is on the topic MythTV with Satellite TV.

Jim Price will give us a live demonstration of a MythTV installation using a satellite dish pointed at the Astra group of satellites.

MythTV is an open source digital video recorder and home media centre hub.  For our August meeting Jim Price will be demonstrating the full MythTV installation process using hardware for satellite reception.  While the build is in progress he will also be doing a demonstration of a pre-built system.  The demo will be based on a dish pointed at the Astra group of satellites as used by Sky.

As MythTV provides a streaming service to network clients running the MythFrontend, the group will be able to search the schedules and experiment with recording and playback from their own laptops.  A few spare laptops will be available if you don't want to install anything on your own laptop.

Jim will also give an overview of how satellite TV works and answer your questions.