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October Meeting (Meeting Archive 2017)

The meeting on 25th October 2017 is on the topic The Postfix Mail Server.

An introduction to the functions of a mail transfer agent (MTA) in mail delivery with specific coverage of the Postfix MTA

Mail Transfer Agents or "mail relays" are the applications which handle the exchange of email over networks.  They receive email from various client applications, typically via an SMTP connection.  They handle the delivery of email on to other MTAs until the email reaches its final destination.  The final receiving MTA will then deliver the email to a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) that typically provides a POP or IMAP service to email clients.

There are several widely used MTA applications including the original Sendmail, Exim, qmail and Miscrosoft's Exchange Server.  For this session Bob will be covering the finer points of the Postfix MTA.